For any other questions or concerns please email jmclain@rockwall.com.



Q: How do I check what age division my child should play in?

A: Use the USSSA Age Calculator to find out.


Q: My child is 3 but wanting to play up in 4U/5U is that ok?

A: We will not permit a 3yr old to play in the 4U/5U division unless a parent is the head coach or the coach of a team specifically requests the 3 year old.


Q: Do all coaches need to perform USSSA Background checks?

A: Yes. All coaches (head coaches and assistant coaches) must completed the Team Sideline background check when they register as a coach. The cost is $20 and the background check is good for a year. If the coach is a coach on multiple teams, simply pay the extra cost to register and ask for a refund for the extra background check fee.


Q: When do games start?

A: Fall Games are expected to start the week of August 28, 2023


Q: When do practices start?

A: Practice will be encouraged to start the week of August 7, 2023.


Q: When does season end?

A: Season will have a drop-dead date (all games final at this point) of November 17, 2023.


Q: What day of the week will we play games?

A: RBSL will do our best to schedule every division Mon Thurs evenings. T-ball could be scheduled for Saturday mornings*
* This is subject to change


Q: How do you place kids on teams?

A: All ages will be blind drafted in the Spring/Fall. Each kid will be placed on a team according to the preferences completed in the enrollment form in this order of import. Preferred coach /team, friend/sibling request(s), school, zip code




Q: Will there be a physical tryout for the upcoming season?

A: There will not, we will blind draft for Spring & Fall based on the preferences on the enrollment form . (see previous question and answer).


Q: Where are all the games played?

A: All games will be played on any City owned fields, mainly taking place at Leon Tuttle Athletic Complex.


Q: How many practices will there be?

A: Coaches will have the ability to schedule their own practices. We recommend coaches schedule at least one practice a week. It will be up to coaches if they would like to have more.


Q: What is the difference between Select and Draft?

A: Draft is for players that have not been placed on a specific (already determined) select team. Select is for players that have been placed on a full team (select team/tournament team/travel team).


Q: How do players get assigned to a team?

A: All ages - During the registration player preferences will be requested such as request a friend, coach, or team. It will also ask what school they attend. We will place kids on specific teams according to what answer is placed on those questions.


Q: When will I find out what team my child has been placed on?

A: Your coach will contact you once all rosters are finalized and sent out.


Q: Why am I being charged a higher fee (non-resident fee) for my kid to play in the league?

A: The reduced resident fee only applies to those who live within the city limits of the City of Rockwall. It does not apply to those who live within the county or inside the city limits of another city (Fate, McClendon-Chisholm Heath for example).


For any other questions or concerns please email jmclain@rockwall.com.