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To report an illicit discharge in to the City of Rockwall’s Waterways please make a service request.  Service requests may be submitted online through the department’s webpage or by calling Customer Service at (972) 772-6791
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The City of Rockwall is a small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) operator that is located within an urbanized area and is eligible for coverage under Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (TPDES) General Permit No. TXR040000. Under the authority of the Environmental Protection Agencies Clean Water Act a storm water permitting program was developed.

The population served within the City of Rockwall urbanized area is under 40,000 based on 2010 Census data, therefore the City is categorized as a Level 2 MS4 Operator.


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Per the TPDES General Permit TXR040000 the following non-stormwater sources may be discharged from the small MS4 and are not required to be addressed in the small MS4's Illicit Discharge and Detection or other minimum control measures, unless they are determined by the permittee or the TCEQ to be significant contributors of pollutants to the small MS4, or they are otherwise prohibited by the MS4 operator.


  1. Water line flushing (excluding discharges of hyperchlorinated water, unless the water is first dechlorinated and discharges are not expected to adversely affect aquatic life);
  2. Runoff or return flow from landscape irrigation, lawn irrigation, and other irrigation utilizing potable water, groundwater, or surface water sources;
  3. Discharges from potable water sources that do not violate Texas Surface Water Quality Standards;
  4. Diverted stream flows;
  5. Rising ground waters and springs;
  6. Uncontaminated ground water infiltration;
  7. Uncontaminated pumped ground water;
  8. Foundation and footing drains;
  9. Air conditioning condensation;
  10. Water from crawl space pumps;
  11. Individual residential vehicle washing;
  12. Flows from wetlands and riparian habitats;
  13. Dechlorinated swimming pool discharges that do not violate Texas Surface Water Quality Standards;
  14. Street wash water excluding street sweeper waste water;
  15. Discharges or flows from emergency fire fighting activities (fire fighting activities do not include washing of trucks, run-off water from training activities, test water from fire suppression systems, and similar activities);
  16. Other allowable non-stormwater discharges listed in 40 CFR § 122.26(d)(2)(iv)(B)(1);
  17. Non-stormwater discharges that are specifically listed in the TPDES Multi Sector General Permit (MSGP) TXR050000 or the TPDES Construction General Permit (CGP) TXR150000;
  18. Discharges that are authorized by a TPDES or NPDES permit or that are not required to be permitted; and
  19. Other similar occasional incidental non-stormwater discharges such as spray park water, unless the TCEQ develops permits or regulations addressing these discharges.