The Art in Public Places program was established to contribute to the cultural and artistic nature of the Rockwall area, fostering cultural awareness and enriching the public environment for both residents and visitors. The program celebrates the cultural, topographic and historical aspects of Rockwall as well as the quality of life, lifestyle and diverse character of the community. Integrating art into public buildings and spaces as well as contributing to civic pride are important aspects of the program. The program is intended to support, educate and assist individuals with their community activities in which public art plays a part.


The Rockwall City Council has approved an art project to honor the City's founders. The Discovery Art Project is named for the three founders who discovered the rock wall, for which our city was named. The Council has approved funding for a larger-than-life sculpture to be located next to the Historic Courthouse on the Square. The local arts community has discussed this project for many years, and it is now becoming a reality. The sculpture is projected to be installed by Founders Day 2022. Project Progress Updates


The Harbor
2359 Summer Lee Drive
Artist: Jake Bays

"SunRock" was created to celebrate both the sounds and sunsets of our beautiful city Rockwall, Texas! The guitar is coated in multiple vibrant colors and fits beautifully with the iconic sunsets enjoyed at The Harbor. Jake Bays is a local realtor, artist and musician. He works with whimsical brush marks and bold colors to create his contemporary visual images. Jake lives in Chandlers Landing in Rockwall with his wife Natalie Bays and their two dogs Boss (Bruce Springsteen) and Willie (Nelson).


San Jacinto Plaza
101-115 South San Jacinto Street
Artist: Suzie Varner

"Fender Bender" is a Pop-Art, simpler style of Western Art piece, versus realism which is Susie's norm. In choosing the subject, she didn't want it to be boring, so painting the front and back of the Longhorn provides viewers some Texas humor. The name Fender is associated with the guitar brand and if you hit a bull on the road, it would be a bender for sure. Susie is primarily a western and landscape artist that paints in realism. Art was her first love, she started drawing before she began school and continued through two years of college at West Texas State University. Life took a different path with children, family, horses and an extended hiatus but she once again found herself painting in 2012. She is the First Vice President of Rockwall Art League, a member of Academy of Western Artists and has illustrated several Postal Exam books. Susie Varner Fine Art


Harry Myers Park
815 East Washington Street
Artist: James Kuntz

James chose a modern Avengers theme from the present and future intertwined with the first settlers of Rockwall, the Caddo Indians. It signifies Rockwall’s roots and continual growth. James and his wife Nancy both paint every opportunity they get. They both have a passion for art and now that all of their children are grown, they have more time to paint. Rockwall’s lakeside beauty provided the perfect backdrop for their canvases. He works in various mediums, both realism and abstract styles, most often intermingled. James brings a sensual serenity to his pieces.


Rockwall City Hall
385 South Goliad Street
Artist: Nancy Kuntz

Nancy chose Rockwall as her subject for the guitar. She mixed the old with the new in her montage style, showing the evolution it has taken from cotton land to present. Nancy and her husband James both paint every opportunity they get. They both have a passion for art and now that all of their children are grown, they have more time to paint. Rockwall’s lakeside beauty provides the perfect backdrop for her canvases.


Cain's Corner Park
257-201 North San Jacinto Street
Artist: Kenyon Bevan Walter

The inspiration for this guitar "Blues Breaker", are the beautiful flocks of pelicans and seagulls that fly over Lake Ray Hubbard. As well as the phenomenal orange sunsets, gorgeous sailboats and rolling waves as they splash across the waterfront. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting on this lakeside and listening to the sounds of the waves. Being a Dentist for over 24 years, Rockwall artist Kenyon Hill Walter took a leap of faith and is now a Contemporary Artist. Kenyon’s distinctive style is a process of color, accented with iridescent textures and gels, so when processed under light they radiate and reflect in different directions. The iridescence in her artwork represent her emergence into the new chapter of her life in the field of art. Although she considers Dentistry an artwork in itself, abstract art has provided a new freedom for Kenyon. Layer upon layer of paint and resin, projects the radiance, warmth and a glow she wants to pass on to others.

Downtown Rockwall

Ginger Womble
Kathleen Morrow
Doug Agee
Chris Kosterman
Bonnie Lankford


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