There’s a lot of progress being made on the Discovery statue. The larger than life sculpture is a tribute to the three pioneers who discovered the rock wall for which our city was named. Crews are currently in the process of laying the foundation at the Historic Courthouse where the statue will be installed.


First enlargement of the 3 Discovery statues is done and ready for the molds.


Have you been wondering about the status of the statue commemorating the discovery of the rock wall for which our city was named? Since the last update, there have been a lot of efforts behind the scenes, including computer digitizing and prep work at the foundry. Now the wait is over… the first phase of the actual enlarging process is underway.

The 3-D scans of the smaller sculptures were taken, and from that measurements for the final larger-than-life size statues were determined. They were then programmed into a large cutting machine to cut dense foam inner cores. Those cores will be assembled into figures, and then layers of clay will be applied. The artist, Jim Bryant, will work on the clay – to return the detail to the final enlarged sculptures. Once that is complete, large molds will be created, so that the molten bronze can be poured for the final steps.

“I am excited to see this phase of the project beginning,” said Discovery sculptor, Jim Bryant. “I will be able to be more actively involved hands on with the process, until we are ready for bronze casting.”

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